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February 16, 2021


What are you supposed to do with five flute players and one trumpet player?

Or with four cellists and one violinst?

They sounds like the set-ups for some bad punchlines, but these are real combinations of students that ensemble directors are teaching right now. If you have an ensemble, you have probably experienced at least one of the following during the current school year:

  • An A/B schedule - or something similar - which allows you to see no more than half of your student population in-person at one time.
  • Hybrid instruction, which requires you to teach students in your classroom and virtually.

And these factors have led to weirder-than-average instrumentation and voicing combinations in many programs.


Even if, on a day-to-day basis, you tend to find yourself with desirable instrumentation in spite of it all, you can't count on your groups remaining the same when your district's instructional plans - or when students' individual circumstances - change. You've told us how difficult it is to plan lessons and find suitable repertoire in these uncertain times.


PracticeFirst's collaboration with Excelcia Music Publishing will ease your frustrations! Excelcia Music Publishing is a composer-led music publishing company which publishes repertoire for music educators and their students, including method books, solos, and pieces for choir, band, and orchestra. PracticeFirst subscriptions now include access to:

  • 79 additional pieces and exercises from band: Grades .5 to 6
  • 37 additional pieces and exercises for orchestra: Grades .5 to 4+
  • 36 additional pieces and exercises for chorus: Unison, Treble, Tenor-Bass, SAB, SATB

You have plenty of literature to explore at no additional cost, and our Excelcia Music Publishing collection will only grow with time.


But most importantly, this collaboration addresses your instrumentation woes with Excelcia Music Publishing's Flexcel Concert Works series. Each Flexcel piece is split into a set number of parts, typically five for band and four for orchestra, and each part is transposed and notated for select instruments. Repertoire with flexible instrumentation will benefit your ensemble in several ways:

  • It is useful for both full ensemble and chamber groups.
  • The music at hand will sound complete, no matter how many students are in your room or what instruments they play.
  • You'll have material for even the strangest of ensembles.


Best of all, you will have high-quality music that can be put together at a moment's notice because of its small number of parts. It is easy to start rehearsing in the small chamber groups you might currently be working with and transition to playing fully-scored versions once your complete ensemble is together again.


Whether you're planning for a full and balanced ensemble, a small group of students, or 76 trombones, PracticeFirst's collaboration with Excelcia Music Publishing will increase your access to music that is appropriate, adaptable, and current.



Victoria Visceglia is a music educator and content writer who specializes in blogging and editing for music learning technology companies. Learn more about her at