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PracticeFirst Adds Video Recording Feature

Victoria Visceglia

February 1, 2021


You asked, we answered! After many requests and months of work, PracticeFirst's new video recording feature is available today. Every PracticeFirst subscriber now has the option of video recording exercises and pieces rather than using only audio.*


Video recording maintains the educational value that PracticeFirst has always brought to you and your students.

  • Students experience the same automated assessment system for their pitch, rhythm, duration, and intonation.
  • You can continue using exercises and audio tracks that you made.
  • You can still adjust the scoring rigor and minimum score requirements.
  • Your gradebook automatically populates with student scores.

But video recording achieves two important goals that audio recording, alone, can't. It will:

  • Enhance your ability to provide targeted feedback to students.
  • Speed up the process you use to create virtual ensemble videos.

Seen - as well as Heard

You rely on visual cues from your students to help them establish good posture, playing position, breathing, and embouchure. You know that these fundamental physical aspects of playing and singing are vital, because they:

  • Allow students to reach their full musical potential
  • Improve students' stage presence
  • Prevent pain

And unless a student always practices with a mirror and is unusually self-aware, good habits you have instilled can slip at any time.


With audio recordings alone, you can hear the results of these lapses from your students; maybe they have unstable intonation, weak tone, or lagging rhythm. But without seeing a student, there is no way for you to know precisely what is causing an issue.


Video recording allows you to not only diagnose the roots of unwanted musical symptoms, but to remedy them with appropriate feedback and modifications in your teaching. Now, you can confidently make specific suggestions to students based on visual cues like you would during face-to-face instruction.


As long as students consistently utilize the video recording feature when they practice, they can visually self-assess their posture, playing position, breathing, and embouchure. They can implement the comments you make while you continue to monitor their progress.

Videos for Virtual Ensembles

If you plan to make any virtual ensemble performances, talent show, assemblies, portfolios or recruitment materials, the video recording feature will save you hours of labor. Seriously.


You have the power to export videos that students make in PracticeFirst. You won't have to relay a complicated, multi-step recording and submission process and pray that every student can follow it. They won't need to learn any new technology if they have been using PracticeFirst all year - they simply have to click a new icon! You only have to address video framing and other aesthetic guidelines you have in mind before they record.


After your students make their videos through PracticeFirst, you won't have to consolidate their file formats. Because the videos contain only the piece of music and no dead air space on either end, and can be assigned with a click-track, you can skip trimming the clips during the editing stage and easily synchronize them. Again, hours of work avoided thanks to PracticeFirst's video recording feature.


*You may opt-out of the video recording feature if it violates your school's privacy policy.

**Please note that this feature is not yet available on iOS devices.


Are you ready to take your virtual assignments and assessments in PracticeFirst to the next level? Take a look at our brief video recording tutorial video.




Victoria Visceglia is a music educator and content writer who specializes in blogging and editing for music learning technology companies. Learn more about her at