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MusicFirst Video Recorder Now Available!

Video as a medium is becoming a more and more basic communication tool for the younger generation. Kids communicate with each other by creating videos and now teachers can leverage this phenomenon by bringing instruction and assignments to video. With the Video Recorder, you can create assignments where the students respond by recording their own performances. Additionally, you can give assignments for them to respond by explaining things in their own words all through the MusicFirst Online Classroom.

With the MusicFirst Video Recorder, the student can record a video, check that it is as great as they want and then submit it to the task. The video is transferred to the Grading and Submission list for viewing.

The Video Recorder does not require any special equipment – just a computer with a Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser. If you have an external webcam or a high-quality microphone on hand, you can hook them up to get extra quality for your videos. You can also use your Android tablet and we are working on getting the iPads on board too. To make great videos, here are a few tips:

1. Check your surroundings before hitting Record: Eliminate extra noise by closing the door. Position yourself against a neutral background to stand out.

2. Talk to the camera, not the screen.

3. Take it easy: It’s not a live TV show, you can re-do your video if you stumble.

Sign up today and try the Video Record for FREE for 30 days in your MusicFirst Online Classroom. The offer expires April 30th, so sign up today! To check out how the Video Record works, watch this quick tutorial video.