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Profiles in Teaching with Technology

S3 E5: Dale Duncun

Dale Duncan is a proud public school Choral Music Educator with over 25 years experience teaching middle school aged children of all ability levels, socio-economic levels and backgrounds. Dale is adept at teaching Middle School beginners with little or no musical experience how to read music at first sight and created S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program for Beginners that is being used by teachers all over the world who teach beginners in this age group.

With an average program of over 340 middle school beginning singers in his program each year, Dale has become an expert at managing very large groups of middle school children and helping them to thrive in a highly structured, fun, learning environment on a daily basis, and his aim is to make the daily learning experience as memorable, enjoyable and productive as possible for his young students.  Over the years, Dale has mastered the discovery, development and expansion of the innate talents of students ages 11-14 through his love for musical theater.  His choral music students have consistently rated Superior at state contests throughout his career in both performance and sight singing.

In his free time, you'll find him obsessing about his newfound love for playing tennis, riding his bike or maybe serving on the judges panel at an international Aerobic Gymnastics event, a sport he's been involved with for over 30 years as a competitive athlete, coach/ choreographer and now, as a judge for the sport.

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