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Profiles in Teaching with Technology

S5 E6: Dr. Lee Whitmore

Dr. Lee Whitmore is a music, audio, creative digital media, and education thought leader. He's the Vice President for education at Focusrite Group, which includes Focusrite, Novation and Ampify Music, Sequential and Oberheim, ADAM Audio, Martin Audio and Optimal Audio, Linea Research.

This week's episode of the "Profiles in Teaching with Technology" podcast comes with a special announcement!

We've partnered with our friends over at Focusrite  and Soundtrap to curate a package of hardware, software, and content to provide everything you need to start teaching podcasting. We're thrilled to announce that "Podcasting Across the Curriculum," authored by Dr. Jim Frankel, is now live in the MusicFirst Classroom. This complete podcasting curriculum explores the history of podcasting, the elements of storytelling, audio recording & editing, podcast distribution and more!

It includes:

  • 20 Lesson Plans
  • 20 Projects (across all subjects including: Mathematics, Poetry, Music, and more!)
  • 10 Extra Bonus Projects
  • A full curriculum, which takes your students from "I don't know what podcasting is" to "I've got my 10-minute podcast fully produced on Spotify"

This curriculum is designed to be used in conjunction with the Focusrite Vocaster Studio and Soundtrap for Education, and is only available in the MusicFirst Classroom. Don't have MusicFirst Classroom & Soundtrap for Education yet? Request a free trial to start using the curriculum with your students today!



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