"We’re thrilled to be part of this innovative and comprehensive suite of tools for music education. Many students didn’t know they were able to compose music until they began composing.

The first assignments are often very basic, but then many students get ‘hooked.’ Knowing they can create anywhere and anytime is highly appealing.

Students like to be independent. They might create something the teacher assigned, but then go on to compose a dozen different works on their own."

Sandi MacLeod, Executive Director and founding member of Music-COMP

"MusicFirst has many of my students taking greater responsibility for ensuring they understand the material thoroughly...many are getting assignments, especially performance assignments, completed in a more timely fashion. I would recommend MusicFirst to music teachers at any level."

Marjorie LoPresti, Music Instructor, East Brunswick High School

“The arts have a unique value in education, and creativity should be our strongest suit, while the testing-crazed culture look for uniformity and search for a singular ‘right answer’. Creating music in Noteflight, Inside Music and Soundation4Education provide a divergent cognitive remedy for anyone tiring from a focus on skill development.”

Dan Schultz, Music Educator, JP Case Middle School

“MusicFirst is an affordable program that bundles software together, provides a digital classroom, and a network of people that can help with ideas and problems. Because it's cloud-based, the students aren't limited by location and schedule."

Stephanie Gravelle, Music Teacher at the American School of Doha

“Since we are an online school, having online programs through MusicFirst has enhanced our curriculum...It is helpful that students can work on the music programs anywhere, as many of our students are completing their courses in non-school settings, such as home, during travel, etc.”

Joyce Bertilson, Music Educator, Paradise Valley Unified School District

“From a teacher's perspective, MusicFirst makes planning an engaging curriculum easier than ever. It's great for creating original lessons and provides terrific shared content as well. My students like MusicFirst because programs like Noteflight and Soundation allow them to compose music they could never play.”

Marc Tartell, Music Educator, Briarcliff Manor Schools

“These programs are very user friendly and easy to customise. I use them to track students' progress and they're great for reducing my marking load.”

Jessica Busboom, Associate Director, Ocean's Edge School of Worship