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MusicFirst Junior

MusicFirst Junior is a teaching system for elementary music education. Ideal for both teacher-led and independent student use, it’s also perfect for flipped classrooms, cross-arts learning, and differentiated instruction. It comes with a suite of age-appropriate apps for elementary students, and all of them are easily accessible through Chromebooks, tablets, laptops, and PCs. Using an intuitive teacher control panel- organized by grade level, keywords, & standards- teachers decide which music learning tools and content they want to use in their classroom, as well as what to distribute to their students' devices.


Lesson Plans, Quizzes, & Materials

MusicFirst Junior comes with a large library of creative lesson plans written by our team of music educators. The lesson plans are readily available in MusicFirst Junior. While these lessons are ready for you to use immediately, you also have the option to customize lesson plans with the Lesson Plan Editor tool. You are able to create dynamic lesson plans with mixed media such as music scores, songs, images, and even videos, and then share these lessons with other music educators.

The simple but powerful Quiz Generator can be used by teachers to create tests or to build learning content that encourages student interaction. Quizzes can be labelled by grade level and keyword, and can be set to run in Score mode (for tests) or Practice mode (student needs to find correct answer in order to advance to the next question).

Anytime & Planner Cloud

The Anytime & Planner Cloud allows you to create and store learning materials, which you can access whenever you need them, and store indefinitely for future use. The Planner Cloud allows you to easily schedule lesson plans, student tests & assignments, and allocate them to specific students or groups. For files you use regularly, the Anytime Cloud makes them easy to access quickly in the MusicFirst Junior environment.

Through an easy drag-and-drop feature, materials can be allocated to any cloud in the planner and arranged in the order you would like your students to see them on their devices.

Simple Recorder

With Simple Recorder, students are able to easily record themselves on their devices using the built-in microphone. Once the student has completed the recording, it is immediately available for teacher review within the MusicFirst Junior platform.

Integrated Software

Groovy Music

A newly updated version of the well-loved original Groovy Music software, Groovy Music Cloud Edition allows elementary students to create and explore music in a natural and intuitive way.

Instruments First

Designed for use in elementary and middle School music classrooms, Instruments First uses colorful information on instruments from across the world to develop listening and theory skills. A special class display mode, hundreds of quizzes and all kinds of basic theory tuition are included.

Morton Subotnik's Music Academy

Including Early Pitch Draw, Early Rhythm Perform, Pitch Painter and Rhythm Perform.

Recommended Premium Content

The Singing Classroom

The Singing Classroom_ is an ever-expanding, dynamic, searchable database of songs, games and teaching techniques for elementary music teachers (grades PreK-6) to use in their classrooms. All content in The Singing Classroom is teacher-tested, and includes video, audio, text, animations, printable posters and handouts, and interactive commentary all serve to bring music educators the most complete and lasting way of learning new material. Users may save their favorite material to a personal page, allowing them to access it quickly at any time.

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