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Newzik Education is a unique collaborative PDF music reader that lets you recreate the classroom experience off-campus.

Create interactive exercises, add precise annotations to your students' scores remotely, and organize your digital library the way you want. Share any exercise with your students in the MusicFirst Classroom, and have them use the audio recorder so you can review their submissions.

Newzik Education lets you convert any PDF score to MusicXML and MIDI for use with notation, engraving, and editing software, including: PracticeFirst, Noteflight Learn, Flat for Education, Soundtrap for Education, and Soundation4Education.


Create interactive exercises and use the recorder

Add audio and video to your scores or record yourself to create interactive exercises. Your students can slow down or speed up these media files to practice more efficiently.

The integrated audio recorder and multi-track mixer give your students all the tools they need to record themselves as they practice. You can then listen to their recordings and give them feedback.


Convert any PDF to MusicXML 

Newzik's powerful Optical Music Recognition (OMR) technology uses maching learning and artificial intelligence to convert any PDF score to MusicXML and generate a corresponding multi-track MIDI file.

Your students can then control the tempo and key of this MIDI accompaniment to practice and improve their sight-reading skills.

The converted version of your score can be exported to any notation software for further editing.


Organize your scores and exercises

Newzik is a powerful digital library manager that lets you upload all of your repertoire and organize your scores.

Gather multiple parts or documents in a single piece, create custom lists of pieces for your ensembles, sort your exercises, and quickly find any piece in your library with the global search tool.

Your digital score library is stored in the cloud, allowing you to access your content on any device through the MusicFirst Classroom platform.


Give precise indications with comments

Let your students know precisely how they should perform an exercise or provide feedback by adding comments to students' scores remotely.

Highlight specific passages, add links to external resources for guidance, and use different colors to organize information.




  • Organize your digital score library PDFs using an intuitive interface.
  • Upload all your sheet music and create custom lists to stay organized.
  • Create interactive exercises by adding audio and video to your scores, including embedded YouTube videos.
  • Access Newzik on all main web browsers.
  • Generate MIDI accompaniments from any PDF score with Newzik's Optical Music Recognition (OMR) technology.
  • Convert any PDF to a MusicXML file, making it compatible with notation, engraving, and audio editing software.
  • Use the built-in metronome and audio recorder tools to capture your students' performances.


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  • Safari
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  • Opera
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