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TEX Technical Method Books for Band

Author: Dennis E. Meyer

Publisher: Dennis E. Meyer Music

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Premier Performance, Book 1

Author: Ed Sueta

Publisher: Ed Sueta Music Publications, Inc.

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Measures of Success, Book 1

Authors: Deborah Sheldon, Brian Balmages, Timothy Loest, Robert Sheldon, David Collier

Publisher: FJH Music Compay, Inc.

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Measures of Success, Book 2

Authors: Deborah Sheldon, Brian Balmages, Timothy Loest, Robert Sheldon, David Collier

Publisher: FJH Music Company, Inc.

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Habits of a Successful Beginner Band Musician

Authors: Scott Rush & Jeff Scott

Publisher: GIA Publications

$229 per year

Sound Fundamentals Band Method

Author: Tom Tucker

Publisher: PDF Band Music

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Jazz Ensemble Methods

Standard of Excellence Jazz Ensemble Method

Authors: Dean Sorenson & Bruce Pearson

Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company

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First Place for Jazz

Authors: Dean Sorenson

Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company

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String Methods

TEX Technical Method Books for Orchestra

Author: Dennis E. Meyer

Publisher: Dennis E. Meyer Music

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Measures of Success for String Orchestra, Book 1

Authors: Gail V. Barnes, Brian Balmages, Carrie Lane Gruselle, Michael Trowbridge

Publisher: The FJH Music Company, Inc.

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Measures of Success for String Orchestra, Book 2

Authors: Gail V. Barnes, Brian Balmages, Carrie Lane Gruselle, Michael Trowbridge

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Choral Methods

S-Cubed Sight Singing Program

Author: Dale Duncan

Publisher: Music in the Middle with Mr. D

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Guitar Methods

Complete Method for Modern Guitarists

Author: Michael Durig

Publisher: Durig Music Services

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Piano Methods

Learning to Play Piano, Book 1

Author: Denes Agay

Publisher: Hal Leonard

$49 per year

Learning to Play Piano, Book 2

Author: Denes Agay

Publisher: Hal Leonard

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Recorder Methods

Recorder from the Beginning, Book 1

Author: John Pitts

Publisher: Hal Leonard

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Recorder from the Beginning, Book 2

Author: John Pitts

Publisher: Hal Leonard

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Randall Standridge


Beginners Rock! RSM C007 grade 1  

Beginners Rock! (flex) RSM FS007 grade 1 

Dragon Lord, The RSM C010 grade 1+ 

Dragon Lord, The (flex) RSM FS010 grade 1+ 

Deus Ex Machina RSM C003 grade 4 

Deus Ex Machina (flex) RSM FS003 grade 4 

Earthdawn RSM C002 grade 2+

Earthdawn (flex) RSM FS002 grade 2+ 

Fanfare for the 16th Empire RSM C014 grade 1+

Fanfare for the 16th Empire (flex) RSM FS014 grade 1+ 

A Festival of Carols RSM C009 grade 1+

A Festival of Carols (flex) RSM FS009 grade 1+ 

Fiat Lux RSM C013 grade 4 

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse RSM C004 grade 4 

Havana Nights RSM C001 grade 4 

Havana Nights (flex) RSM FS001 grade 4

Hillside March RSM C015 grade 2

Hillside March (flex) RSM FS015 grade 2

Precious Lord, Take My Hand RSM C011 grade 3+

Shadow Cove March RSM C012 grade 2+

Shadow Cove March (flex) RSM FS012 grade 2+

Starfire Fanfare RSM C008 grade 1 

Starfire Fanfare (flex) RSM FS008 grade 1 

Stonewall: 1969 RSM C006 grade 5 

Vanishing Point RSM C005 grade 4

Vanishing Point (flex) RSM FS005 grade 4 


Hal Leonard

Across the Halfpipe (3rd Movement from "Minnesota Portraits") grade 5 - Samuel R. Hazo

Adirondack Festival Overture grade 4 - Stephen Bulla 

African Noel grade 1.5 - Johnnie Vinson

African Portrait grade 1 - James Curnow 

African Sketches grade 2 - James Curnow 

Allegretto (from Symphony No. 7) grade 2-2.5 - Beethoven/arr. Longfield

Alleluia grade 5 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Along an English Countryside grade 5 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Alpine Adventure grade 2 - Michael Oare 

Amazing Grace grade .5-1 - Arr. Paul Lavender 

American Barndance grade 4 - Richard Saucedo 

American Fanfare, An grade 4 - Rick Kirby 

American Folk Rhapsody No. 2 grade 3-4 - Clare Grundman 

American Spirit grade 1 - John Higgins 

American Tribute grade 2 - Arr. John Moss 

Ancient Voices grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney

And Hold in Memory... grade 3 - Johnnie Vinson

Android Attack grade 1 - Michael Oare 

Angels Rock grade 1 - Timothy Johnson 

Antares (Overture for Band) grade 3 - Richard Saucedo

Anthem for Winds and Percussion grade 3 - Claude T. Smith 

Appalachian Air (Based on "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need") grade 2 - Arr. Michael Brown

Appalachian Dances grade 4 - James Curnow 

Appalachian Suite grade 1.5 - Arr. Paul Murtha 

Aquia Landing (Gateway to Freedom March) grade 1.5 - Paul Murtha 

Arabesque grade 5 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Arch of Triumph (French March)  grade 2 - Johnnie Vinson 

Arctic Fire (from "Portraits of the North") grade 4 - Robert Buckley 

Arrows grade 3 - Samuel R. Hazo 

As Tears Fall on Dawn's New Light grade 2 - Richard L. Saucedo

Ascend (Movement III of "Georgian Suite") grade 3 - Samuel R. Hazo

Asian Folk Rhapsody grade 2 - Richard Saucedo

Auld Lang Syne grade .5-1 - Arr. Michael Sweeney

Autumn on White Lake grade 4 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Aztalan (City of Mystery) grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney 

Aztec Fire grade 2 - Jay Bocook 

Ballad and Dance grade 3 - Johnnie Vinson 

Band on Parade grade .5 - Michael Sweeney

Bandroom Boogie grade .5 - Michael Sweeney

Barnyard Bagatelle grade 1 - Mike Hannickel 

Barrier Reef grade 2 - John Higgins 

Battle Cry of Freedom, The grade 3 - Arr. Jay Bocook 

Battle Hymn of the Republic grade .5-1 - Arr. Michael Sweeney 

Beethoven's Ninth grade .5 - Ludwig van Beethoven, Arr. Paul Lavender

Benediction grade 3 - John Stevens 

Beyond the Horizon grade 3 - Arr. Ted Rickets

Beyond the Seven Hills grade 3 - Michael Sweeney 

Bist Du Bei Mir grade 2 - Arr. Jacob de Haan

Black Diamond grade 2 - Robert Longfield

Black Forest Overture grade 2 - Michael Sweeney

Black Wolf Run grade 2 - John Higgins 

Blue Alien Accumulation grade 3 - Timothy Broege

Blue and Green Music grade 3 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Bobbleheads! grade 1.5 - Richard L. Saucedo

Bonaparte grade 5 - Otto M. Schwarz

Boy's Dream, A grade 5 - Jay Bocook 

Brahms Finale (from Symphony No. 1) grade 3 - Jay Bocook 

Brandenburg Gate, The grade 2 - Johnnie Vinson

Brick Street Encounter grade 3 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Bridge of the Gods grade 5 - James Curnow 

British Masters Suite grade 2 - Arr. John Moss 

Broadway! grade 2.5 - Johnnie Vinson

The Buccaneers grade 2 - James Curnow 

Buckingham March grade 2  - John Moss

Callisto grade .5 - Timothy Johnson 

Cambrian Explosion grade 5 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Camden Crossing (Fanfare and March) grade .5 - Michael Oare 

Canticle of Celebration grade 3 - Timothy Johnson

Canticles of the Creatures grade 4 - James Curnow 

Canticum grade 2 - James Curnow 

Canzona (Percussion Section Feature) grade 1.5 - James Curnow 

Carnaval - Michael Sweeney

Carnival of the Animals grade 2.5 - Camille Saint-Saëns, Arr. James Curnow

Carnival of the Animals grade 4 - Camille Saint-Saëns, Arr. Jay Bocook

The Carnival of Venice grade 3  - Julius Benedict, Arr. Johnnie Vinson, Jean-Baptiste Arban

Carol of the Night grade 3-4 - Richard L. Saucedo

Cassini's Rings grade 1.5 - Michael Oare

Cathedral Grove grade 3 - Robert Buckley

Cayuga Lake Overture grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney

Celtic Air and Dance grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney 

Celtic Air and Dance No. 2 grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney

Celtic Air and Dance No. 3 grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney 

Celtic Air and March (Songs of Irish Rebellion) grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney 

Challenger Point grade 1.5 - Timothy Johnson 

Chant Funéraire grade 5 - Gabriel Fauré, Arr. Myron Moss 

Chinese Folk Fantasy grade 2 - James Curnow 

Chorale and Presto grade 3 - Richard Saucedo

Chorale Prelude: All Things Bright and Beautiful - Claude T. Smith 

Chorus Angelorum grade 3.5 - Samuel R. Hazo

Christmas Bells grade 1.5 - Arr. Timothy Johnson

The Christmas Clock grade 1.5 - Timothy Johnson

Christmas Elves in Santa's Workshop grade .5 - Mike Hannickel

Christmas Español grade 1.5 - James Curnow 

Christmas Troika grade 3 - James Curnow

Civil War Echoes grade 1.5 - Arr. Robert Longfield 

Clari-Go-Round grade 1 - Mike Hannickel 

Clarinet Hoedown grade 2 - John Moss

Clash of the Ironclads grade 2.5 - James L. Hosay 

Classical Overture grade 3 - Franz Schubert, Arr. Robert van Beringen

Coldwater Crossing grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney 

Colonel Bogey March - Kenneth J. Alford, Arr. Eric Osterling

Concerto for Crash Cymbals grade 5 - Mike Hannickel 

Confluence (Allegheny Lament & Dance of the Monongahela) grade 4 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Continuum grade 4 - Robert Buckley 

Cool Blues grade .5-1 - Michael Sweeney

Cossack Dance grade 1.5 - James Curnow

Crosscurrent grade 1.5 - Robert Longfield

Crossings in Time grade 2 - Michael Sweeney

The Crown of Castile grade 2.5  - Johnnie Vinson

Cyclone grade 2 - Michael Oare

Dances of Innocence grade 3 - Jan Van Der Roost

Dance of the Spirits grade 2.5 - Michael Sweeney

Dance of the Tumblers (from The Snow Maiden) grade 1.5 - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Arr. James Curnow 

Danny Boy grade 3 - Arr. Samuel R. Hazo 

Dansbury Run grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney

Danses de Fantaisie grade 4 - Jan de Haan

Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) grade 5-1 - Irving Burgie, William Attaway, Arr. Michael Sweeney

Deep River grade 2 - Arr. John Moss 

Dialogues (for Winds and Percussion) grade 3 - Michael Sweeney

Diamond Fanfare grade 4 - Samuel R. Hazo

Dies Irae (from Verdi's Requiem) grade 4-6 - Verdi, Arr. Jay Bocook

Ding, Dong, Merrily On High grade 1.5 - Arr. James Curnow

Distant Journey grade .5 - Paul Lavender

Distant Thunder of the Sacred Forest grade 2 - Michael Sweeney 

Down by the Riverside grade .5-1 - Michael Sweeney

Dragonfire grade .5 - Paul Lavender

Dreamsong grade 2 - Richard Saucedo 

Drums of the Saamis grade 3.5 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Due North grade 2.5 - Michael Sweeney

Earth and Sky grade 3 - Michael Sweeney 

Earthdance grade 3 - Michael Sweeney

Echoes of the Hollow Square (Suite of Shaped Note Tunes for Band) grade 4 - Johnnie Vinson 

Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral grade 3 - Richard Wagner, Arr. Jay Bocook

Elves' Dance (from The Nutcracker) grade 2 - Tchaikovsky, Arr. Paul Lavender 

Emerald Awakening grade 3 - Michael Sweeney

Enchanted Spaces grade 4 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Endeavor grade .5 - Timothy Johnson

Excerpts from The Firebird grade 3 - Igor Stravinsky, Arr. Jay Bocook 

Fanfare Americana grade 1.5 - James L. Hosay 

Fanfare and Call to the Post (First Movement of "Homage to Barbaro") grade 4 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Fanfare and Evocation grade 3 - John Moss 

Fanfare and Hymn: A Mighty Fortress grade 3 - Jay Bocook

Fanfare and Hymn of Brotherhood grade 4 - Jay Bocook

Fanfare and March grade .5 - Michael Sweeney

Fanfare for a Celebration grade 2 - Robert Longfield

Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis grade 3 - Ralph Vaughan Williams, Arr. Jay Bocook

Fantasy on a French Carol grade 2 - Arr. John Moss

Fantasy on the Huron Carol  grade 3 - Arr. Robert Buckley

Fantasy Sketches  grade 4 - Johnnie Vinson 

Farandole (from L'Arlesienne) grade 4 - Jay Bocook 

Festival Fanfare for Christmas  grade 5 - John Wasson 

Finale from Symphony No. 5 grade 3 - Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Arr. James Curnow 

Firebird Suite - Finale grade 2 - Igor Stravinsky, Arr. John Moss

Fire Dance grade 2 - Douglas Akey 

Fives Prevail, The  grade 3 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Flash in the Pan! grade 2.5 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Flashpoint grade 4 - John Moss 

Forever Holding Close the Memories grade 3 - Richard L. Saucedo

The Forge of Vulcan  grade 2 - Michael Sweeney 

For Liberty and Unity grade 2 - Timothy Johnson

Fortress Variations grade 4 - Tim Waters

Forward March! grade 1 - Paul Murtha

Four Breton Dances grade 2 - Timothy Broege

Freaky Fantasy grade 1.5 - Mike Hannickel

Freedom's Song grade 1 - James Curnow

The Free Lance March  grade 4 - John Philip Sousa, Arr. Jay Bocook 

French Caroler's Dance grade 2 - Arr. Stephen Bulla

From Every Mountainside (A Salute to America) grade 1.5 - Michael Oare 

Front and Center! grade 1.5 - Paul Murtha 

Full Tilt grade 5 - Richard L. Saucedo

Funky, Rockin' Choo Choo grade 1.5 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Gaelic Dances grade 2 - John Moss 

The Gales of November grade 3 - James L. Hosay 

Gallant March grade .5 - Michael Sweeney

Gap Creek grade 2 - Jay Bocook 

Gates of Orion grade 1.5 - Michael Sweeney

Gateway March grade 1.5 - Eric Osterling 

Gathering in the Glen grade 1 - Michael Sweeney

Genesis grade 3 - James Curnow 

Geneva grade 3 - Timothy Broege

Girl with the Flaxen Hair, The (La fille aux cheveux de lin) grade 4 - Claude Debussy, Arr. John Moss 

A Glorious Day grade 4-5 - Albert Roussel, Arr. Mark Fonder 

...Go grade 5 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Gothic Legend grade 2 - James L. Hosay

Grand Angelic March (Based on "Angels from the Realms of Glory") grade 4 - Arr. Robert Longfield, Eric Robertson 

Grand Ledge Overture grade 3 - John Moss 

Grasshopper Dance grade 1.5 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Greensleeves - Arr. Michael Sweeney

Groovee! grade 2 - Richard L. Saucedo

Guardians of Liberty grade 1.5 - Paul Murtha

Half Moon on the Hudson grade 3 - Michael Sweeney

Hark! The Herald Tubas Sing grade 2 - Arr. Michael Sweeney

Hennepin County Dawn (1st Movement from "Minnesota Portraits") grade 4 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Heroic Fanfare and March grade 5 - Mike Hannickel 

He's Gone Away grade 4 - Rick Kirby 

The Hexagon grade 4 - John Fannin 

High Adventure grade .5 - Paul Lavender

High Water Mark grade 2 - Michael Sweeney 

Highland Legend grade 2 - John Moss 

Homework Blues grade .5 - Paul Lavender 

Horkstow Grange grade 2 - Percy Aldridge Grainger, Arr. Michael Sweeney 

The Hounds of Spring grade 3 - Alfred Reed, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Ice Breaker grade 2.5 - James L. Hosay

Iditarod (Third Movement of "Portraits of the North") grade 4 - Robert Buckley 

Illuminations grade 3 - Jay Bocook 

Incandescence grade 2.5 - Richard L. Saucedo 

In Flight grade 4 - Samuel R. Hazo 

In Perfect Silence, I Often Gaze at the New Stars grade 4 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Into the Clouds! grade 2 - Richard L. Saucedo

Into the Light grade 4-5 - Jay Bocook

The Invincible Eagle grade 3 - John Philip Sousa, Arr. Jay Bocook

A Jazzy Christmas grade 3  - Arr. Johnnie Vinson 

Jefferson Forest Sketches grade 2.5 - Michael Oare 

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring grade 2- J.S. Bach, Arr. Samuel R. Hazo

Jingleosity grade 5 - James Curnow

Jingle Ye Merry Gentlemen grade 1 - James Curnow

Journey grade 5 - James Curnow 

Jubilate! (Waldkircha in Musica) grade 4 - Jacob de Haan

Jubilatéo (Fanfare and Allegro) grade 5 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Just a Closer Walk with Thee grade 2 - Arr. Johnnie Vinson 

Kinesis grade 3 - Michael Sweeney 

Klezmer Dances grade 3 - Stephen Bulla

Knights of Destiny grade 2-3 - Michael Sweeney 

Labyrinth grade 3 - William Himes

Last Full Measure (A Gettysburg Remembrance) grade 2.5 - Michael Sweeney 

Legend of Devil's Lake grade 2.5 - Michael Sweeney

Legends in the Mist grade 3 - Michael Sweeney 

Little Red in the Hood grade 1 - Michael Sweeney 

Long Eagle March grade 1 - John Edmondson 

Lullaby for Christmas grade 2.5 - James Curnow 

Måndalen Landscapes grade 2.5 - Philip Sparke 

March from Symphony No. 2 grade 2 - Tchaikovsky, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Marching Song grade 2 - Gustav Holst, Arr. John Moss

March of the Hyperion Robots grade 1.5 - Richard L. Saucedo

Mars (from The Planets) grade 2 - Gustav Holst, Arr. Johnnie Vinson

Mars (from The Planets) grade 3 - Gustav Holst, Arr. Jay Bocook

Music from Carmen grade 2 - Georges Bizet, Arr. Richard Saucedo 

The Mystic Trumpeter grade 4- James Curnow

Nearer, My God, to Thee grade 2 - Lowell Mason, Arr. Michael Brown 

Nettleton grade 3 - Johnnie Vinson 

Night on Bald Mountain grade 1.5 - Modest Mussorgsky, Arr. Michael Sweeney 

Nimrod (from Enigma Variations) grade 2-3 - Edward Elgar, Arr. Jay Bocook

The North Face grade 3 - Jay Bocook 

Ode to Greensleeves grade 3 - Richard Saucedo 

Of Barges and Boats grade 3 - Arr. Stephen Bulla 

Of Gale Force Winds grade 3 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Oh, Freedom grade 1 - Arr. Paul Lavender

O Mio Babbino Caro grade 2 - Giacomo Puccini, Arr. Johnnie Vinson 

O Nata Lux grade 4 - Guy Forbes, Arr. Preston Hazzard 

On the Edge of Tomorrow grade 2 - Michael Sweeney 

On the Wings of Swallows grade 3 - Michael Sweeney 

Orion grade 2.5 - Arr. Jan Van der Roost 

Our Kingsland Spring (Movement I of "Georgian Suite") grade 2 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Our Yesterdays Lengthen Like Shadows grade 3 - Samuel R. Hazo

Overture on a Shaker Tune grade 2 - John Higgins 

Pachelbel's Christmas grade 1.5 - Arr. Larry Moore

Particles grade 2.5 - Michael Sweeney

Pathways grade 2.5 - Michael Oare 

Pictures at an Exhibition grade 2-3 - Modest Mussorgsky, Arr. Michael Sweeney 

Pomp and Circumstance grade 1 - Edward Elgar, Arr. Michael Sweeney 

A Prehistoric Suite grade 1.5 - Paul Jennings 

Primary Colors grade 2.5 - James Curnow 

Propulsion grade 3 - Robert Buckley

Puszta - Jan Van der Roost

The Quest  grade 2.5 - William Himes

Rattlesnake!  grade 5-1 - Paul Lavender 

Regenesis (Song of the Planet)  grade 3 - John Higgins 

Renaissance Festival  grade 1.5 - Tielman Susato, Arr. James Curnow

Rhythm Danse  grade 3 - Richard L. Saucedo

Ritual Fire Dance  grade 3 - Manuel De Falla, Arr. Jay Bocook

Rocky Mountain Rendezvous grade 2 - James Curnow 

Roman Juggernaut grade 5 - James Curnow

Royal Fireworks Music grade 1 - George Friedrich Handel, Arr. Michael Sweeney

Russian Folk Song Suite grade 2 - John Moss

Sacred Harp grade 5 - Jay Bocook

Salvation is Created grade 2 - Pavel Chesnokov, Arr. Michael Brown

Sawdust City Celebration grade 4 - Michael Sweeney 

Scenes of Russia grade 2 - Johan Nijs

Seconds Out grade 2 - Samuel R. Hazo

Shenandoah grade .5-1 - Arr. Michael Sweeney

Shooting Stars grade 5 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Sing a Song of Christmas grade 1 - Arr. James Curnow

The Singing River grade 1.5 - Johnnie Vinson

Sky Dance grade 3 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Sneak Attack! grade 3 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Song for Hope grade 3 - Michael Sweeney

Songs of Africa grade 1.5 - Arr. Johnnie Vinson

Southern Folk Rhapsody grade 2 - Michael Sweeney 

Spirit of the Falcon grade 3 - Richard L. Saucedo

Stardance grade 4 - Michael Sweeney 

St. Florian Choral grade 2.5 - Thomas Doss 

Stratford March grade 1 - John Higgins

Suite Francaise grade 3 - Darius Milhaud, Arr. John Higgins 

Suo Gân grade 1 - Arr. John Higgins 

Symphonic Fanfare grade 4 - Franco Cesarini 

Terminal Velocity grade 2 - Michael Oare

Themes from 1812 Overture grade 2 - Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Arr. Johnnie Vinson 

Themes from First Suite in E flat grade 1.5 - Gustav Holst, Arr. Michael Sweeney

A Thousand Heroes grade 3 - James Curnow 

Three Colonial Moments grade 3 - Rick Kirby

The Thunderer grade 3 - John Philip Sousa, Arr. Jay Bocook

To the Ends of the Earth grade 2.5 - Timothy Johnson

Träumerei (Reverie) grade 3 - Robert Schumann, Arr. Henk Hogestein

Troy! grade 2 - Michael Sweeney 

Turbo Rock grade .5 - Michael Sweeney 

Two Celtic Folksongs grade 2 - Arr. Paul Lavender

Ukrainian Bell Carol grade 3 - Richard L. Saucedo 

Variants on an Irish Folk Tune grade 3 - Timothy Johnson

Village Sketches grade 3 - Jacob de Haan

Voices of the Sky grade 3 - Samuel R. Hazo 

Wade in the Water grade .5-1 - Arr. Michael Sweeney

Washington Post March grade 3 - John Philip Sousa, Arr. Jay Bocook 

Wedding March grade 4 - Jan Van de Roost 

Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew grade 4-6 - James Curnow 

Whirlwind(s) grade 5 - Richard L. Saucedo

Wilderness Scenes (from the Journal of Discovery) grade 3 - Michael Sweeney 

Windsprints grade 5 - Richard L. Saucedo

Wondrous Star grade 3 - Arr. Timothy Curnow

String Orchestra Repertoire

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Abduction from the Seraglio, The (Overture) - W.A. Mozart, Arr. Jamin Hoffman (Hal Leonard) 

Adventure on the High Seas - Gruneisen (Kendor) 

Aeolian Rock - Frizzi  (Kendor)  

African Blessing (Bwana Awabariki) - Monday  (Kendor)

Airplane - Hopkins (Kendor) 

Allegretto from Symphony No. 7 - Ludwig van Beethoven, Arr. Robert Longfield  (Hal Leonard) 

All Through the Night - Welsh Folk Song, Arr. Keith Christopher 

Andante for Strings - John Cacavas  

Andante from Symphony No. 6 ("Pathetique") - Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Arr. Robert Longfield  

Aussie Medley - Traditional/Steve Frackenpohl (Kendor) 

Barbara Allen - Arr. John Moss  

Barcarolle - Jacques Offenbach, Arr. Robert Longfield  

Barn Raising - John Moss 

Bedlam Boys - Traditional, Arr. Steven Frackenpohl  

Beethoven's Ninth - Ludwig van Beethoven, Arr. Paul Lavender 

Black Diamond - Robert Longfield  

Blue Iguana, The - Robert Longfield 

Bluegrass Country - Carold Nuñez

Boccherini Minuet - Luigi Boccherini, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Bowin' the Blues - Thomas May  

Bug's Ballroom - Halferty (Kendor) 

Carnival of the Animals - Saint-Saëns/Halferty (Kendor)

Carnival of Venice - Julius Benedict, Arr. Harvey S. Whistler, Herman Hummel 

Carol of the Bells - Traditional/Michael Hopkins (Kendor) 

Celtic Roots - Kenneth Baird  

Chinese Folk Fantasy - James Curnow  

Christmas Fiddlers in the Hall - Traditional/Halferty (Kendor)

Clash of the Triads! - Arr. Monday (Kendor) 

Concertino for Strings - John Cacavas  

Concerto for Triangle - Mike Hannickel  

Cornwall Christmas Tidings (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen) - Traditional/Frizzi (Kendor) 

Credo - Halferty (Kendor) 

Crianças Da Canoa (Canoe Children) - Traditional/Steven Frackenpohl (Kendor)

D String Boogie - Michael Sweeney  

Dance Noel (Il Est Né) - Traditional French Carol, Arr. John Leavitt  

Dance of the Hours (from La Gioconda) - Amilcare Ponchielli, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Dance Rhythmico - Jeff Frizzi  

Danse Bacchanale (from Samson et Dalila) - Camille Saint-Saëns, Arr. Jamin Hoffman  

Darkened Shadows - Reznicow (Kendor) 

Daylight Breaking - Monday (Kendor) 

Daystar - Reznicow (Kendor) 

Déjà Vu - Carold Nuñez  

Divertimento for String Orchestra (Mvt. I) - Jon Ward Bauman 

Domine Fili (from Gloria) - Vivaldi/Frackenpohl (Kendor) 

Dormouse Waltz - Stephen Bulla  

Escape from Black Licorice Forest - Frueh (Kendor) 

Excerpts from New World Symphony - Antonín Dvorák, Arr. Herman Hummel, Harvey S. Whistler

Falcon Rising - Gruneisen (Kendor) 

Fanfare for a Celebration - Robert Longfield

Fascination (Valse Tzigane) - F.D. Marchetti, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Fiddler's Hoedown - Robert Gillespie  

Fiesta for Strings - Keith Christopher

Finale from Symphony No. 7 - Beethoven/Monday (Kendor) 

Flower Duet from Lakmé, "Sous le dôme épais" - Delibes/Halferty (Kendor)

Folk Songs of Israel - Arr. Marsha Chushmir Shapiro  

Four Songs for Strings - Franz Schubert, Arr. Cliff Colnot  

Freedom Overture - Various/Caponegro (Kendor) 

Frog Prince, The - Hopkins (Kendor)

Funny Fiddlin' - Carold Nuñez 

G! I Like Echoes - Gruneisen (Kendor) 

Gesù Bambino - Pietro Yon, Frederick H. Martens, Arr. Lloyd Conley 

Gingersnaps - James Kazik

Git'er Done - Larry Moore 

Gloucestershire Wassail, The - Arr. Robert Longfield 

Goblin Boogie - Jeff Frizzi  

Gossec Gavotte - Gossec/Wang (Kendor)  

Great Wall, The - Kenneth Baird  

Greensleeves - Traditional/Caponegro (Kendor)

Gypsy Moon - Haferty (Kendor) 

Happy Farmer, The - Robert Schumann, Arr. Harvey S. Whistler, Herman Hummel

Haybaler Hoedown - Lloyd Conley  

Heroic Adventure - Kenneth Baird 

Hungarian Folk Dance - Arr. McAllister (Kendor)

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - Franz Liszt, Arr. Jamin Hoffman  

If Thou Be Near (Bist Du Bee Mir) - Johann Sebastian Bach, G.H. Stolzel, Arr. Robert Longfield 

I'll Be Bach for Christmas - Arr. Hopkins (Kendor) 

Il Re Pastore - Arr. Monday (Kendor) 

Impresario Overture - Arr. Frackenpohl (Kendor) 

In An Ancient Castle - Halferty (Kendor) 

In the Bleak Midwinter - Gustav Holst, Arr. John Leavitt 

In the Hall of the Mountain King - Edvard Grieg, Arr. James Curnow 

Irish Baker, The (Angelina the Baker) - Robert Longfield 

Japanese Folk Fantasy - James Curnow 

Jigtastic - Arr. Frackenpohl (Kendor)

Jolly, Merry Christmas, A - John Leavitt  

Joyeux Noël - John Leavitt 

Kalinka (Russian Folk Song) - Ivan Larionov, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Knick Knock - Hopkins (Kendor) 

La Casa De Cuerdas (The House of Strings) - Frizzi (Kendor) 

La Donna e Mobile (from Rigoletto) - Giuseppe Verdi, Arr. Jamin Hoffman  

La Paloma (The White Dove) - Sebastian Yradier, Arr. Robert Longfield

Lascia Ch'io Pianga - Handel/Frost (Kendor) 

Legend of the Lotus - Halferty (Kendor)

Little Russian March (from Symphony No. 2) - Tchaikovsky, Arr. Robert Longfield  

Liza Jane - Amanda Franco (YourScore) 

Locus Iste - Anton Bruckner, Arr. Robert Longfield  

Ludwig's Dance Party - James Kazik 

Majestic March - Paul Lavender 

March and Canon - Tom May 

March No. 1 in D Major - Mozart/Caponegro (Kendor) 

Marriage of Figaro Overture - W.A. Mozart, Arr. Jamin Hoffman  

Memphis Two-Step - Strommen (Kendor) 

Menuetto (from Symphony Concertante) - W.A. Mozart, Arr. Harvey S. Whistler, Herman Hummel  

Mexican Folk Variations (Chiapanecas) - James Curnow 

Minuet (from Symphony No. 88) - Franz Joseph Haydn, Arr. Paul Lavender 

Misty Cavern - James Kazik 

Monkey's Dance (from The Fairy Queen Suite, No. 2) - Purcell/Frost (Kendor)

Moonlighting (based on Moonlight Sonata) - Beethoven/Monday (Kendor)

Mozart Symphony No. 40 (First Movement, K. 550) - Mozart/Caponegro (Kendor) 

Music for the Royal Fireworks (Selected Themes and Movements) - Handel/Caponegro (Kendor) 

My Horses Ain't Hungry - Lloyd Conley 

Mystic Dances - Jeff Frizzi 

New World Symphony (Symphony No. 9, Mvt. IV) - Dvořák/Monday (Kendor)

Nimrod (from Enigma Variations) - Edward Elgar, Arr. Lloyd Conley  

Nobles of the Sword - James Kazik

Off to the Races - Robert Gillespie 

Old Mac Fiddle - John Higgins 

One Winter Night (All is Calm, All is Bright) - John Moss 

Overture to The Magic Flute - W.A. Mozart, Arr. Jamin Hoffman 

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers - Lloyd Conley 

Partridge and the Pear, The - John Moss 

Phantom Castle - James Curnow

Play Ball! - Robert Gillespie 

Polonaise "Militaire" - Frederic Chopin, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Popcorn Prelude - Mike Hannickel 

Prairie Tune (Inner Mongolian folk song) - Arr. Wang (Kendor)

Prelude and Fugue in D Minor - J.S. Bach, John Leavitt 

Prelude Op. 3, No. 2 - Sergei Rachmaninoff, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Presto (from Symphony No. 1) - Mozart/Monday (Kendor)

Processional Prelude - G.F. Handel, Arr. Harvey S. Whistler, Herman Hummel 

Puccini Trilogy, A - Giacomo Puccini, Arr. Cliff Colnot  

Ravel Suite for Strings - Maurice Ravel, Arr. Cliff Colnot  

Red Balloon, The - James Curnow 

Rejoice and Be Merry (A Gallery Carol and In Dulci Jubilo) - Arr. McAllister (Kendor)

Revenge of the Double Bass - Joseph Reinagle, Arr. Michael Allen  

Rock Bottom Boogie - Robert Longfield

Rock on the Housetop - Brian Franco (YourScore) 

Romantic Etude, Op. 10 No. 3 - Frederic Chopin, Arr. Robert Longfield

Romanza from Horn Concerto No. 3, K447 - W.A. Mozart, Arr. Lauren Keiser  

Rondo - Ludwig van Beethoven, Arr. Harvey S. Whistler, Herman Hummel

Rose, A (Chorale Prelude on "Behold, a Rose is Blooming") - Johannes Brahms, Arr. Jon Ward Bauman  

Royal Fireworks Music - G.F. Handel, Arr. Michael Sweeney  

Sagebrush - James Curnow  

Salsa Fest! - Frueh (Kendor) 

Sanctus (from German Mass) - Franz Schubert, Arr. James Curnow  

Scarf Dance from Callirhoe - Cécile Chaminade, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Scene and Dance (from Swan Lake) - Tchaikovsky, Arr. Harvey S. Whistler, Herman Hummel 

Scherzo from Symphony No. 3 - Ludwig van Beethoven, Arr. Jamin Hoffman

Scherzo Pastiche - Keith Christopher 

Shadows Across The Moon - Caponegro (Kendor) 

Sharks of Seville, The - Arr. Monday (Kendor) 

Shenandoah - Arr. Michael Sweeney  

Shepherd's Carol, A - Arr. John Moss  

Silver Canoe, The - Gruneisen (Kendor) 

Simply Poppin' - Robert Gillespie  

Sleigh Bells Jingling - John Moss  

Snow Day Sleddin' - Stephen Bulla  

Solemn Processional (from Symphony No. 4) - Gustav Mahler, Arr. Jamin Hoffman  

Song of Peace (Lo Yisa Goy) - Traditional/Monday (Kendor) 

Sound the Bells of Christmas - James Curnow 

Sprinkles on Top! - Frueh (Kendor) 

St. Louis Blues - Handy/Lignon (Kendor) 

Sunshine - Traditional/Wang (Kendor)

Sweet Afton - John Leavitt  

Symphony No. 3 ("Eroica" - Mvt. 1 Excerpts) - Ludwig van Beethoven, Arr. Robert Longfield  

Symphony No. 5 (Allegro) - Ludwig van Beethoven, Arr. Jamin Hoffman

Symphony No. 5 - Scherzo - Ludwig van Beethoven, Arr. Jamin Hoffman  

Symphony No. 63 Finale (Presto) - Franz Josef Haydn, Arr. Jamin Hoffman

Tarakihi (Shouting Song) - Steven Frackenpohl 

Theme from Havanaise - Camille Sant-Saëns, Arr. Robert Longfield

Theme from First Symphony - Johannes Brahms, Arr. Harvey S. Whistler, Herman Hummel  

Theme from New World Symphony - Antonin Dvorák, Arr. Michael Allen 

Themes from Concerto in A Minor - Vivaldi/Frost (Kendor) 

Three-Minute Nutcracker, The - Tchaikovsky/Conley 

Toccata - Johann Pachelbel, Arr. Lloyd Conley 

Traditions of Christmas (Carols from Europe) - Stephen Bulla  

Treasure Quest - Thomas May 

Trout, The (Die Forelle, Movement IV) - Schubert/Caponegro (Kendor) 

Tumbleweed Blues - Frueh (Kendor) 

Turkey Season - Gruneisen (Kendor) 

Twilight Express - Monday (Kendor) 

Two Mozart Canons - W.A. Mozart, Arr. Jon Ward Bauman  

Viva Rossini (from The Barber of Seville) - Gioacchino Rossini, Arr. Lloyd Conley

Water is Wide, The - Bob Krogstad 

Wabash Cannon Ball, The - Robert Gillespie  

Waltz (from Coppelia) - Leo Deblies, Arr. Robert Longfield 

Warriors of the West - Brian Franco (YourScore)

We Forgot Our Bows! - Amanda Franco (YourScore) 

Wenceslas Takes a Sleigh Ride - James Curnow  

Whirlwind - James Curnow 

William Tell Overture - Gioacchino Rossini, Arr. Robert Gillespie

Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon - Lloyd Conley 


Jazz Band Repertoire

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Afternoon in Paris - John Lewis, Arr. Mark Taylor 

Another Great Day - Mark Taylor 

Blue 'N' Moody - Michael Sweeney 

Blues Idol - Steve Allee 

Bone Talk - Mark Taylor 

Bossa de Cancun - Mike Steinel 

Bradley's Groove Shop - Mark Taylor 

Bubbert Goes West - Mike Steinel | $40.0

Bubbert in Love - Mike Steinel 

Café Rio - David Benoit, Arr. Mike Tomaro 

Deacon Jack's Gospel Shack - Paul Murtha

Dusk to Dawn (Solo Alto Sax Feature) - Mark Taylor 

Finya Wulo - Michael Philip Mossman

First Noel, The - Mark Taylor

Funky Monkey, The - Rick Stitzel 

J.B. Rides Again - Rick Stitzel 

Love Matters the Most - Mark Taylor 

Nova Bossa - Michael Philip Mossman 

Orangatango - Rick Stitzel 

Papiro - Michael Philip Mossman 

Roman Notes - John La Barbera

Rutabaga Ramble - Michael Sweeney

Side Slippin' - Rick Stitzel 

Six P.M. - David Benoit, Arr. Mark Taylor

Song for San Miguel - Mike Steinel

Steamsville - Mark Taylor 

Three Hip Mice - Steve Allee 

Touchdown Tony - Michael Sweeney 

Waltz for Patrice, A - Mark Taylor