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Teaching students how to compose can be a big challenge for many teachers, yet we know that students who learn to compose increase their musicianship in all aspects of music, including performance. For those looking for a notation-based approach, Inside Music is the perfect tool. Inside Music is a web-based program that uses engaging instructional videos along with Noteflight for each composition activity.

Inside Music is a web-based composition program that includes short, engaging lessons with instructional videos and creative notation assignments following each lesson. Developed in collaboration with Music-COMP and Noteflight, and carefully field tested in Grades 5–12 classrooms, Inside Music comes bundled with Noteflight and the MusicFirst Online Classroom. Because it’s online, students can access their compositions from any computer with access to the internet. No need to purchase separate software.

The lessons, designed for grades 5–12, include three proficiency levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The lessons can be used in a whole-class setting, small groups, or individually by students for special projects or extra credit.

Each proficiency level includes seven comprehensive lessons that teach students how to compose. The lessons are designed to bring together important resources for busy teachers, including a variety of listening examples, musical scores, illustrations of important concepts, and a visual glossary of key terms. Formative and summative assessments are also included.

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Inside Music is offered as premium content within the MusicFirst Online Classroom and is bundled with Noteflight.  The packages below include a one-year subscription to the MusicFirst Online Classroom, Noteflight, and the Inside Music content.


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