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Do you want your students to love making music? So do we. As a band, chorus, or orchestra director, you are challenged with providing individualized instruction within an ensemble environment. How do you ensure that each student gets the instructional attention they need while working with a full classroom? MusicFirst understands these challenges and brings you a suite of flexible, affordable and intuitive tools that you can use with a wide variety of age groups and ensemble configurations.

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You Won't Miss a Beat Assessments

Generally, You Won’t Miss A Beat™ assessments are given three times during the academic year: at the beginning of the term; mid-way through the year; and finally at the end of term. This strategy provides baseline scores and gives you a clear picture of each student’s progress through the year – data you can present to your administration virtually on demand. In addition, this picture of student and ensemble strengths and weaknesses can help you improve everything from daily rehearsal planning to repertoire selection to your own conducting technique.

In addition to graded assessments, you can also select from a huge library of independent practice assessments that help students build confidence and improve testing skills during the year, anywhere they can connect to the internet. The results of those practice sessions (who practiced, when, and for how long) are compiled automatically and available for review in your student database.

You Won’t Miss A Beat™ assessments are sequenced from 6th grade through college level. You simply select the assessments that are appropriate for your ensemble’s current level of accomplishment.

Tradition of Excellence

Pearson, Bruce & Nowlin, Ryan

The Tradition of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method is a music educator’s dream! It’s a flexible performance–centered curriculum that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary pedagogy and cutting-edge technology.

Tradition of Excellence is available for $199/year and requires subscriptions to the MusicFirst Classroom and PracticeFirst.

Premier Performance

Ed Sueta

Premier Performance is an innovative and comprehensive band method written with one primary goal: providing band directors with the most effective and logically sequenced instructional materials for young instrumentalists.

Premier Performance is available for $199/year and requires a subscription to the MusicFirst Classroom and PracticeFirst.

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