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Music Theory

Beginner music students start off learning notes and rhythms. But we want them to have a deeper understanding of the language of music. With a suite of thoughtful tools tailored to help you teach the intricacies of music theory, MusicFirst is your secret weapon to build student progress rapidly while unlocking creativity for students of all levels. MusicFirst brings music theory teachers a suite of affordable and intuitive tools.

Engage and Excite Students

Help students easily learn music theory in an engaging and insightful way using our interactive tools. Create and assign exercises to build skills and enable students to start at any level.

Instant Student Feedback

Allow students to know immediately if they make mistakes and understand what they need to do to fix them. Build on student skills automatically, challenging each student appropriately as they progress.

Make Ear Training Fun and Efficient

Instantly build ear training exercises and track progress. Easily audit student proficiency and enable students to build their skills any time, anywhere with immediate feedback. MusicFirst puts you and your students in the driver’s seat as skills grow.

Track Progress at a Glance

With a comprehensive set of built-in tools, MusicFirst takes the hassle out of testing, grading and reporting. You can even customize tests and projects for your class, school, or district—and information follows your students throughout the program.

Complete Digital Portfolio

MusicFirst collects practice recordings, compositions, written responses, quizzes, and tests in a secure online portfolio that you and your students can review any time. You’ll always know exactly where they are in your program—and it’s never been simpler to share progress with parents.

24/7 Access for Teachers and Students on Any Device

Log into MusicFirst anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection. You’ll love the convenience of updating assignments and lesson plans using your favorite devices—and students will benefit from working on the same files at home and school.

Software for Music Theory

  • Focus on SoundFocus on Sound

    An engaging, interactive, and authoritative multimedia music encyclopedia to enhance teaching and learning music. It includes listening tests, quizzes, and an extensive lesson system for developing skills in melody, harmony, rhythm, technology, and theory.

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  • O-GeneratorO-Generator

    A funky, simple, yet sophisticated, beat-making software that allows students to learn, create, play along with, and record music. O-Generator uses popular and world music to engage and teach key concepts.

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  • Sight Reading FactorySight Reading Factory

    With unlimited exercises, Sight Reading Factory makes practicing the important skill of sight reading quick, easy, effective and fun!

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  • Groovy MusicGroovy Music

    Students can once again enjoy the fantastic creative fun of Groovy Music as part of the MusicFirst Classroom. Now available as a fully-native, high performance iOS App!

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  • Auralia FirstAuralia First

    A MusicFirst Exclusive - Auralia First allows your students to develop their musicianship and complete assessment tasks at school or home.

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  • Musition FirstMusition First

    A MusicFirst Exclusive - Musition First allows your students to develop their musicianship and complete assessment tasks at school or home.

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  • AuraliaAuralia

    With 43 topics and endless customization, Auralia is the most comprehensive ear training software available. All the fundamentals are covered, including: pitch, intervals, chords, scales, tuning and rhythm.

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  • MusitionMusition

    Music theory software, suitable for students of all ages and levels. Become an expert at reading sheet music, recognising time signatures, notating rhythms, understanding intervals, matching keys signatures and more.

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  • Noteflight LearnNoteflight Learn

    The ideal platform for teaching composition, notation, and theory, Noteflight Learn offers a customizable score editor that is easy enough for beginners to use, and sophisticated enough for advanced students.

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