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What is MusicFirst Assessment ?

MusicFirst Assessment is the only music education software which gives music teachers and administrators a comprehensive view of student music knowledge and performance proficiency. It combines engaging, interactive content with innovative software that analyzes students’ progress through the academic year, making it easier than ever to measure student growth objectives and make the most of instructional time.

How does it work?

During two 30-day periods at the beginning and end of the school year, students and teachers are granted access to the MusicFirst Classroom and all included tools, as well as pre-made subject-matter assessments. The initial assessment period is intended to gather a baseline reading of student knowledge and performance proficiency, allowing educators to target their instruction during the academic year. The second assessment period provides insights into how far each student has progressed over the course of the year.

Subject-Matter Assessment

MusicFirst Assessment includes access to pre-made subject-matter assessments, appropriate for grades K-12, which have been created by a panel of music education experts. Assessments include subjects such as music history, music theory, analysis, and (other subjects TBD as determined by Keith). These assessments include a variety of question types, and incorporate multimedia elements. Teachers have the ability to customize these pre-made assessments, as well as create their own.

Performance Proficiency Assessment

Along with subject-matter assessments, the MusicFirst Assessment platform allows students to easily record and submit playing samples for review from their computer, phone, or tablet. No special equipment is required. With unlimited and organized file storage, teachers have student recordings right at their fingertips. They no longer have to worry about file type, size, storage, or organization, and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined workflow.

Automatic Grading

Once a student submits a subject-matter assessment, a score is produced and recorded in the digital gradebook automatically. Performance proficiency assessments are score manually, and those scores are also automatically recorded in the gradebook. Teachers have the option to review assessments manually, and adjust scores within the digital gradebook.

Assessment Analytics

Assessment Analytics offer a birds-eye view of student performance for teachers and administrators. This tool displays which concepts students have grasped, and which ones require more instruction, allowing teachers to tailor their instruction.

National & State Standards

Individual state and national standards are included in the MusicFirst Assessment platform, and may be applied to assessment scoring. This feature helps educators and administrators to ensure that their students are meeting benchmarks.

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