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In addition to the MusicFirst Exclusive Content Library, we also offer an array of method books, assessments, and lessons as part of our Premium Content Library. These materials can be used in the MusicFirst Classroom, as well as with a number of our integrated software titles.

Inside Music

Author: Inside Music, LLC

Inside Music is a fun, comprehensive composition curriculum that combines video instruction with Noteflight Learn to create a flexible, accessible, and highly engaging learning experience. These lessons include listening examples, musical scores, and illustrations of important concepts. It may be used to fulfill state and national composition standards, and is the perfect addition to a general music, music theory, or music technology course. Appropriate for beginning through advanced students.

Inside Music is available for $129/year and requires a subscription to the MusicFirst Classroom and Noteflight Learn.

Premier Performance

Author: Ed Sueta

Premier Performance is an innovative and comprehensive band method written with one primary goal: providing band directors with the most effective and logically sequenced instructional materials for young instrumentalists.

Premier Performance Book 1 is available for $199/year and requires a subscription to the MusicFirst Online Classroom and PracticeFirst.

The Singing Classroom

Author: Pasternack, Deborah Skydell

The Singing Classroom is like a song collection come to life! It’s an ever-growing, searchable database of songs and music games for music teachers of grades PreK-6.

SEARCH by grade level, genre, song topic, type of game, cultural origin, materials used, holidays, musical concepts, solfége and rhythms, or Orff instruments.

DOWNLOAD and print sheet music, posters, and other materials to use as you teach.

WATCH videos that suggest how to introduce and teach the songs to help quickly engage and delight your students, as well as animations of bunnies demonstrating games and dances.

SHOW the animations to your students and see how quickly they learn to play a new game or do a dance. LISTEN to each song being sung to get a quick feel for the style and tempo.

SAVE your favorites to your personal MySong page, so you can access them any time.

LEARN great repertoire and activities, all with detailed suggestions (in written and video form) explaining how to present the material and how to avoid pitfalls.

GET INSPIRED year-round instead of just a few times a year at conferences or workshops. Experienced teachers are guaranteed to find new songs and variations on old favorites that kids love.

The Singing Classroom is available for $139.95/year/teacher.

Teaching Music Through Composition: A Curriculum Using Technology

Author: Freedman, Barbara Copyright: Oxford University Press © 2013

Teaching Music Through Composition focuses on teaching students basic music concepts and compositional techniques and has students demonstrate those skills through creating music. Whether music technology is the primary focus of your class or used as a learning unit, this book will show you how it can be done with practical, tried-and-true lesson plans, student assignments, projects, worksheets, and exercises.

Teaching Music Through Composition is available for $36.95/year and requires a subscription to the MusicFirst Online Classroom.

Tradition of Excellence

Author: Pearson, Bruce & Nowlin, Ryan

The Tradition of Excellence Comprehensive Band Method is a music educator’s dream! It’s a flexible performance–centered curriculum that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary pedagogy and cutting-edge technology.

Tradition of Excellence Book 1 is available for $199/year and requires a subscription to the MusicFirst Online Classroom and PracticeFirst.

Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity

Author: Watson, Scott Copyright: Oxford University Press © 2011

The MusicFirst online edition of Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity is intended to provide teachers with valuable information and tools for evoking creativity through technology from their students. Our staff has adapted this resource for the MusicFirst online classroom and software in order to provide model lesson plans teachers can use, expand on or adapt.

Using Technology to Unlock Musical Creativity is available for $36.95/year and requires a subscription to the MusicFirst Online Classroom.

You Won’t Miss a Beat™ Assessments

At Tools for Conductors™, our combined expertise enables us to design and connect, music literacy and online digital assessments. This allows music educators, students, administrators, and parents to accurately and instantly determine what students understand and are able to demonstrate, using standards-based rubrics of musical concepts.

You Won’t Miss a Beat™ assessments can be given at any time during the year. Each private assessment can be given on a laptop, tablet or desktop computer that has a quality external or built-in microphone.

Band Assessments- $199

Grades 6-12

Orchestral Assessments- $199

Grades 6-12

Choral & Vocal Assessments- $199

Grades 6-12

Rhythmic Assessments- $199

Grades 4-12

Elementary Assessments- $199

Grades K-5

The Love Note


1 Unit: 11 Lessons & 19 Tasks

The Love Note is a musical that approaches the subject of bullying in a manner that will entertain the students while also bringing a very serious cultural issue into the classroom. Not only can The Love Note be performed by the students and add the elements of performance arts to the campus, but it can also be used in many educational ways. This curriculum guide provides integrated lessons to be used in conjunction with the show by guidance counselors in addition to their anti-bullying programs and teachers to enhance their classroom programs. Through the use of the show and the following lesson plans, a dialogue will begin to grow among the students and bring awareness to the dangers of bullying. The Love Note can make a positive difference in schools by cutting down on bullying and making students more accountable for their own actions.