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PracticeFirst™, powered by MatchMySound™, is a truly affordable way to allow your students to practice anytime, anywhere, on any device (including mobile!). PracticeFirst provides students with instantaneous & intuitive feedback, allowing them to gain meaningful insights into the quality of their practice and accelerate their achievement. Perfect for band, orchestra, choral, and solo instrumental & vocal practice, PracticeFirst gives music teachers easy-to-use tools for creating assignments.

Robust Feedback

PracticeFirst is the industry leader in providing detailed and nuanced student performance feedback, assessing accuracy in:


  • Rhythm
  • Pitch
  • Intonation
  • Duration

Customizable Exercises

Upload your own exercise notation or audio files, or use included content.

Click-track (floating tempo) or metronome options for recording.

Upload your own backing track for students.

PracticeFirst Customizable Exercises

Adjust assessment rigor from "easy" to "hard", and set score threshold for submission.



  • Tailored for students of all levels
  • Comes with exercises and pieces, and also allows you to create your own
  • Create exercises with multiple parts from multipart scores
  • Assesses rhythmic and pitch accuracy
  • Assignment types include memorization and sight reading modes
  • Grading scale can be adjusted from easy to hard
  • Works for polyphonic instruments like piano and guitar
  • Teachers can now let students choose their instrument themselves when practicing
  • Includes a built-in tuner for instruments that need to be tuned before playing
  • “Click track” option in place of the metronome for exercises with floating tempo
  • A great practice and assessment tool, perfect for choral students
  • Fully integrated with the MusicFirst Classroom's gradebook, scheduling, portfolio-building and other features. - Use our content, or upload your own


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Premium Content

Available for purchase through the MusicFirst Classroom, we offer an additional selection of popular titles from an array of publishers. These include:

  • Premier Performance
  • A Tune a Day
  • Recorder from the Beginning
  • You Won't Miss a Beat Assessments



  • Compatible OS

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Chrome OS
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android
  • Supported Browsers

  • Chrome