Illustration of woman sitting in front of laptop surrounded by abstract images of high school music performance ensembles

At MusicFirst, we're dedicated to revolutionizing music education through the integration of innovative technologies. That's why we're proud to offer PracticeFirst, an advanced practice assessment tool developed in collaboration with MatchMySound. This powerful software is designed to support both teachers and students by providing immediate, intuitive feedback for any instrument, including polyphonic instruments and voices. Here’s why incorporating PracticeFirst into your music program through MusicFirst is a game-changer:

Unparalleled Accuracy in Music Assessment

The accuracy of performance assessment is paramount in education, and PracticeFirst sets a new standard. Developed by MatchMySound, its algorithm assesses rhythm, pitch, intonation, and duration with remarkable precision, offering detailed feedback to students. PracticeFirst recognizes the intricacies of musical performance, such as the importance of adjusting for tempo changes and evaluating note durations fully. This fosters a nurturing environment for students to develop their skills.

Unmatched Accessibility

Understanding today's digital-first students, PracticeFirst is designed for maximum accessibility. As the distributor, MusicFirst ensures that PracticeFirst is the first performance assessment tool of its kind accessible on the web, Chromebooks, and, uniquely, on mobile phones. This commitment to accessibility means that over 80% of users engage with PracticeFirst on their phones daily, enhancing practice time and ensuring students have the resources they need, whenever they need them.

Customizable to Fit Every Program

Recognizing the unique needs of every music program, PracticeFirst offers extensive customization options. From uploading scores to setting assessment levels and unique features like audio-only exercises and video recording, PracticeFirst accommodates the diverse requirements of music educators. Distributed by MusicFirst, this platform supports individualized learning paths and streamlines the creation of assignments, making it a versatile tool for any ensemble.

Comprehensive and Relevant Content

MusicFirst is committed to providing quality content through PracticeFirst. Our extensive library includes over 35,000 pieces from more than 35 music publishers, offering a wide range of music suitable for various programs. PracticeFirst uniquely enables educators to create courses based on method books, complete with additional resources like videos and quizzes, enriching the educational experience with relevant, engaging content.

Expert Support and Assistance

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional support, with free technical assistance from our team of musicians and educators. Our hands-on support ensures that PracticeFirst users can navigate and utilize the platform effectively, with real people ready to assist through multiple channels. This level of customer service has established MusicFirst as a trusted partner in the music education community.

February 7, 2024