This image is a promotional banner for MusicFirst's upcoming solution for Modern Band, set to launch in August 2024. The banner features a vibrant purple overlay with images of young musicians engaged in various activities, such as playing drums, guitar, and keyboards. The main text reads "musicfirst solution for Modern Band" in bold white and yellow letters. Below, a tagline states "Coming August 2024" and lists partners "School of Rock, Music Will, Drum Channel" with their logos.

At MusicFirst, we're thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our lineup of digital music education tools: a new, comprehensive solution specifically designed for Modern Band, launching in August 2024. This new offering is crafted in response to the enthusiastic requests from educators seeking advanced, integrated resources for modern music instruction.

Our upcoming package encompasses an array of state-of-the-art software tools that enhance practice assessment, musicianship skills development, beat-making, and audio recording and editing. These tools are not only engineered to streamline educational workflows, but also to ignite creative passion and technological savvy among students.

We're also proud to introduce five new courses as part of this package, authored by leading figures in music education, including:

  • Steve Holley, celebrated popular music educator and President of the Association for Popular Music, brings his extensive experience and innovative pedagogical approaches to our platform.
  • Ethan Hein, known for his work on educational music software like Groove Pizza and his teaching roles at NYU and The New School, where he focuses on music education technology, theory, and songwriting.
  • Mike Packer, a professional drummer and VP of Education at 1500 Sound Academy, adds his unique expertise with courses designed for drummers and percussionists, enriching our offerings with his inventive approach to music instruction.
  • Steve Giddings, a versatile music educator and author, known for his advocacy of integrating popular music styles and creativity into traditional music education programs to connect with a broader range of students.

Additionally, our solution includes The School of Rock Method™ Books 1-3 within the practice assessment tool, ensuring that students not only learn fundamental music theories but also engage with material that is both instructional and enjoyable.

At MusicFirst, we are committed to advancing music education by providing tools that are both innovative and accessible. This new solution for Modern Band is set to transform the educational experience for both teachers and students, aligning with our mission to make learning and teaching music more effective and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the launch date in August 2024.

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May 15, 2024