Focus on Sound Pro expands on the original Focus on Sound software, offering an in-depth resource for music education. This platform provides an extensive range of music learning content, including interactive lessons, assessments, and a multimedia encyclopedia.

Instructional Flexibility

Focus on Sound Pro offers a wide range of lessons and automated assessments suitable for work both in and out of the music classroom. It features functionality for whole whole-class displays and individual devices, accommodating different teaching environments. It includes a comprehensive multimedia encyclopedia of instruments and musical terminology, perfect for teaching a broad range of music topics, offering comprehensive resources and versatile tools for diverse educational needs.

Focus on Sound PRO Home Screen

Customizable Content

Focus on Sound Pro enables teachers to create and customize lessons, assessments, and content, aligning with their students' unique needs. The platform offers the flexibility to adapt teaching materials effectively and share those materials with fellow educators. With the "Favorite" feature, teachers can save content, ensuring it's readily accessible to use in future lessons. 

Focus on Sound Pro Custom Content & Favorites view

Seamless Integrations

Focus on Sound Pro seamlessly integrates with MusicFirst Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Classroom, allowing easy access to its music education resources. These integrations make it easy to incorporate Focus on Sound Pro into existing educational platforms.

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