MusicFirst Classroom offers a holistic approach to K-12 music education. It serves as a central hub for all of your integrated software, student portfolios, gradebook, communication tools, and more!


Digital Gradebook

See student grades in one central location. Choose from a variety of grading formats, export data for parents and administrators, and opt for automatic or manual assessment.


Easily drag-and-drop lessons, assignment, and assessments. Set up recurring events, populate students’ calendars, and connect events to assignments.

MusicFirst Classroom gradebook and calendar in internet browser windows
MusicFirst Classroom software integrations and library open in two browser windows

Software Integrations

Seamlessly integrates with Auralia, Flat for Education, Focus on Sound, Musition, Newzik Education, Sight Reading Factory, O-Generator, PracticeFirst, Noteflight Learn, Soundation Education, and Soundtrap for Education.

Content Library

Access a broad range of carefully curated courses, units, lessons, and assessments crafted by expert music educators. Use content as-is, or customize to suit your needs.

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