The Naxos Music Library is an online streaming service featuring over 2.7 million classical music recordings.

This platform serves as a vital educational tool, offering a vast collection of recordings that can be seamlessly integrated into classroom lessons or used for individual student assignments. It supports music education by enabling teachers to create playlists, delve into extensive music notes, and utilize resources tailored for various age groups and skill levels, thereby enhancing students' learning experiences.

This image provides statistical data about Naxos Music Library. It features colorful sections with icons representing different categories: audio tracks are indicated with headphones and a figure of 2.7 million; disc count is shown with a disc icon and a figure of 170,000+; works of 50,000+ composers are represented with an opera mask icon; and major and independent labels are noted with a figure of 980+. Each section has vibrant background colors.


Naxos Music Library (NML) offers an extensive array of educational tools, boasting over 2.7 million audio tracks, more than 170k discs, works from over 50k composers, and content across more than 980 major & independent music labels. Its unique offering lies in the rich metadata associated with each track, including composers' biographies, program notes, and publisher details, all expertly curated. NML enhances teaching by allowing educators to create and share custom playlists via direct links, streamlining access to specific recordings for students.


Naxos Music Library is much more than a vast audio repository. Within its Resources section, NML offers numerous valuable tools and study aids to enhance musical education. The Aural Training program features over 1,000 exercises using authentic recordings to develop aural perception and critical listening skills. Additionally, NML provides comprehensive study guides for various curricula, exam playlists for major music exams, and extensive resources, all designed to deepen the understanding and appreciation of music among students and educators alike.

 This image displays a collection of educational resources in a grid layout, each represented by a dark rectangular icon with white and blue elements. The categories include "Junior Section," "Aural Training," "Tour Guides," "Study Guides," "Opera Section," "Work Analysis," "Dictionary," and "Pronunciation Guides." Each icon features a related symbol, such as a backpack for the Junior Section and a book for the Dictionary, to visually represent the content of each educational resource.

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