Naxos MusicBox is an award-winning platform designed for children, offering a rich exploration of classical and world music through stories about great composers, sounds of various instruments, and more.

Naxos MusicBox (NMB) enhances music education with interactive aural training exercises and multimedia study guides. These features are supported by an extensive collection of audio tracks and educational content tailored to various learning levels, promoting a deep understanding and appreciation of music. This approach offers a thorough and engaging learning experience for students.

An infographic titled 'By the Numbers' for Naxos MusicBox. It features four key statistics in vibrant colors: over 4,000 audio tracks depicted with a headphone icon on a yellow background, over 100 engaging activities shown with a paper and pencil icon on an orange background, introduction of 60 composers represented by a silhouette of a classical composer on a purple background, and more than 20 themed playlists illustrated with a music sheet icon on a green background.


NMB offers an enriching educational experience, designed to introduce classical music in a clear, engaging, and logical format. Young users can independently navigate the platform's vibrant and colorful interface, which includes interactive listening questions and puzzles. It features friendly texts, special playlists on great composers, instruments of the orchestra, and music from various cultures. Additional resources include themed playlists, audiobooks on classical music, and a visual music history with scrolling timelines. Regular updates enrich the experience with new features and over 4,000 varied audio tracks, making it a comprehensive learning tool for all ages


In addition to a wealth of information and audio and video resources, Naxos MusicBox provides teachers with more than 50 multi-part classroom activities, each accompanied by step-by-step guidance. Topics include:

  • Instruments
  • Composers
  • Music History
  • World Music
  • Stage & Film Music
  • Vocal Music
This image displays the vibrant and interactive interface of Naxos MusicBox, an educational platform designed to make learning music fun and engaging. It features various sections such as "Instruments," "Composers," "Activities," and more, each represented by colorful, intuitive icons. A young girl is shown using a laptop, engaging with the platform, emphasizing its user-friendly design that caters to young learners.

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