A unique collaborative platform to teach music online

Organize and share all your scores and lessons. Mark up your students’ scores in real-time, add audio and video to create interactive material, send assignments in one click, and keep track of your students' progress.

Newzik Education software displayed on a laptop, iPad, and iPhone

Create interactive lessons

Interactive lessons and exercises help students learn faster, and stay motivated.

In just a few clicks, use the embedded audio recorder, add YouTube links or any other media to create interactive material that will make students feel closer to the teacher during online lessons.

Share exercises with a single click

Create a shared space for each class and upload new lessons, exercises and assignements in one click.

All students within a shared space receive new material in real-time, and can access it from their Apple or Windows computer, Chromebook, iPhone or iPad.

Open laptop showing Newzik Education software open to the "Sharing" function

Convert PDFs into MusicXML files

Use the powerful Optical Music Recognition technology, Livescores, to convert any PDF to MusicXML and play the MIDI.

You can review the files using any notation software, including Flat and Noteflight, for further editing, or directly import the MusicXML files into PracticeFirst.

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