Complete K-5 Curriculum

MusicFirst Elementary is the perfect music education tool for young students. With more than 1,000 interactive resources, the K-5 National Standards-aligned curriculum reinforces concepts and skills in a musical and progressive manner. Whether you're an experienced music teacher or new to the profession, MusicFirst Elementary has everything you need to cultivate students' lifelong love of music.

Utilize a comprehensive and dynamic suggested sequence that seamlessly combines flexibility and customization, enabling teachers to tailor the curriculum to their specific needs and preferences.


Engaging Lessons

Discover a truly interactive musical experience featuring song-based lessons and high-quality repertoire with supporting sheet music, often including band, orchestra, and classroom instrument parts for beginners and those already playing.

Creativity Tools

Empower creativity and music-making with age-appropriate, interactive tools seamlessly integrated into lessons to support learning and students' own musical activity in and outside the classroom.



MusicFirst Elementary
Elementary music learning platform

Price is per school, per year with unlimited students.

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