Florence Price portrait

Happy Black History Month! February is a time for us to celebrate Black voices and to spotlight influential Black composers who have dramatically shaped the landscape of modern music. We are thrilled to offer you new content in the MusicFirst Classroom Library focused on the lives and work of African American composers.

This week we're featuring a brand new lesson plan, authored by Dr. Jim Frankel, titled "The Music of Florence Price." This lesson plan provides detailed information about the life and music of Ms. Price, complete with supplemental audio and video resources. At the end of the lesson, students will provide a short critique of Price's Clouds, performed by pianist Lara Downes.

This lesson plan, along with a wealth of other content, is available in the MusicFirst Classroom Library and is included with all MusicFirst Classroom subscriptions. If you would like to download a PDF of the lesson plan and student materials, click the button below!

February 16, 2022